Up The Ante On This Year's Cookie Swap

Up The Ante On This Year's Cookie Swap

Up The Ante On This Year's Cookie Swap

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It's that time again for ugly sweater parties, secret Santa, and caroling. Christmas cookie swaps are also a staple, but this activity can get a little stale after a while. Are you tired of the same old Christmas cookie parties? Today, we give you ideas to spruce it up and step out of the box. Keep reading to discover how to make your Christmas cookie swap one to remember.


Try Unique Ingredients and Flavors

Sugar and gingerbread cookies are perfect for the holidays, but they can get boring. So think about how you can incorporate unexpected ingredients. Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration:


Black Pepper and Parmesan Cookies

We know it sounds weird but hear us out. These thumbprint cookies combine sweet and fruity flavors like cranberry and orange with savory notes like thyme and parmesan cheese. The balance of sweet and savory make for a satisfying bite. 
Recipe: K and C Thumbprint Cookies


Philly Cheesesteak Cookie

Okay, this isn't your typical cookie, and this savory cookie is more like an appetizer than a dessert. It combines cheddar cheese and dried beef jerky and features a cream cheese and tomato frosting.
Recipe: Cookie Confidential's Philly Cheesesteak Cookie


Candied Bacon and Chocolate Cookies

Most of us can agree that bacon makes everything better—including cookies. This idea mixes smoky-sweet bacon with decadent chocolate, and they're guaranteed to be a hit. 
Recipe: Candied Bacon and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Experiment with Designs

Challenge your cookie decorating and presentation skills by incorporating new designs. Below are two showstopping ideas:


Ugly Sweater Cookies

These cookies put a cute twist on ugly Christmas sweaters. All you need is a sweater-shaped cookie, icing, and piping bags.
How to: Ugly Sweater Cookies


Snowglobe Cookies

Create magic with these adorable snowglobe cookies—they're almost too cute to eat.
How to: Snowglobe Keepsake Cookies

Upgrade Your Bakeware

Your Christmas cookies are only as good as your bakeware. So here are some tools to help you take your baking to the next level.


Rachel Ray Nonstick Cookie Pan

Rachel Ray's bakeware is an excellent option for novice bakers. Specifically, the nonstick pan prevents cookie mishaps and ensures your cookies stay perfect.


Caraway Bakeware Set

This ceramic bakeware collection handles all your baking needs, including two nonstick cookie sheets and a cooling rack.

Level Up Your Cookie Game With CreditBox

You'll need some extra cash if you want to create the best batch of Christmas cookies for your next cookie swap party. CreditBox offers personal installment loans that can help fund your cookie baking endeavors. Apply for an online loan today.
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