7 Ways to Conquer the Outdoors in Utah

7 Ways to Conquer the Outdoors in Utah

7 Ways to Conquer the Outdoors in Utah

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Known for its stunning and unique geological features with a fascinating other-worldly landscape, Utah is a land chock full of recreational adventure. For those on the road for exciting outdoor activities, look no further than the daring plateaus of North America’s most independent state!
With five national parks, 44 state parks, five national forests, nine national monuments, and two national recreation areas, it’s easy to see why Utah is a natural gem. Complete with nearly 23 million acres of public lands that feature red rock canyons, winding rivers, and snow-capped mountains, there’s no place quite like it in the world.
From the wildest thrill-seeker to the most laid-back, there’s something fun for everyone, no matter the season. As the home of the IronMan World Championships, the terrain is also known as a great place for athletes to train. Take care in thorough planning for your recreational activities while visiting, as safety comes first! Rain or shine, snow or dry heat, there’s always something exciting to discover in the great outdoors!


Year-Round Fun



Home of the famous and breathtaking Slot Canyons, there are endless opportunities for hiking and nature walks in Utah. With thousands of miles of trails suited for all kinds of trips, from multi-day backpacking adventures to leisurely walks to see the numerous geologic formations.

Rock Climbing

Beginner to expert level, Utah offers challenges necessary for climbers of all levels of experience to enjoy! Visitors can spend their days climbing technical routes or entertain more relaxed vistas among the canyons and plateaus. The ever-changing landscape varies so that each locale bears distinctive terrain. A few must-see spots for rock climbing include Logan Canyon, Maple Canyon, and Moab!

Mountain Biking

One of the most beautiful ways to experience the outdoors in Utah is there are seemingly endless spots for mountain biking around the state! With a wide range of diversity in the terrain and trails, even the most experienced riders will find a challenge here. Some of the most notable trails and locales include Moab’s Sovereign Trail, the McCoy Flats, Eagle Rise Trail, and Logan Canyon.


With over 100 natural and man-made bodies of water available to the public, there are plenty of spots to enjoy boating activities in Utah. All featuring modern campgrounds and amenities, visitors can choose from popular sites like Lake Powell, Bear Lake, or Flaming Gorge, just to name a few!

River Rafting

Taking on the whitewater rapids of Westwater and Cataract Canyons is a wild ride, along with the Colorado, Green River, and San Juan. The thrilling journey will take you to see awe-inspiring sites just off the beaten path. Take the chance to witness ancient petroglyphs and discover hiking trails only accessible by these rivers. In addition to the faster-flowing areas, flat water expanses provide exclusive access to places such as the Labyrinth Canyon!

Cross-Country Skiing

Touted as some of the “greatest snow on Earth,” Utah transforms into a paradise for cross-country skiers during the cold season. With at least 15 renowned ski resorts, the state is a winter destination hotspot. Blanketed with snow, the trails become ideal for tours to high-intensity training. Many guided ski tours are also available for visitors through snowed-in state parks and more groomed trails.

Guided Off-Roading

Whether bringing your vehicle or renting it on-site, there are many picture-perfect spots for off-roading in Utah’s wild. With thousands of square miles open to off-highway and all-terrain vehicles, visitors can let loose on the open trails! Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Buckskin Hills Recreation Complex, and the Paiute ATV Trail are a few of the most popular areas to check out.

Get Out There & Get Going!

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