Dancing In The Fall Rain

Dancing In The Fall Rain

Dancing In The Fall Rain

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It's no secret that the country is experiencing a record heat wave. And according to the AccuWeather radar, the temps could reach as high as 115 degrees in some locations. So, like many others, you're probably counting down the days until cooler fall weather. Today we go over ways you can finally say goodbye to the heat warnings and say hello to all that autumn brings.

Go apple picking

There's nothing like orchard apples. The crunchy, sweet, and tangy flavor is at its peak during the Fall, so it's the best time to fill your basket to the rim with apples.

Visit a pumpkin patch

A visit to the pumpkin patch is another perfect way to celebrate fall weather. Not to mention, fresh pumpkins make for perfect Halloween and autumn decorations. Speaking of decor…

Decorate your home with fall decor

Transform your home into a fall wonderland by adding autumn-themed decorations on your porch and throughout your yard. Celebrating Halloween? Don't forget to throw in a couple of spooky ghosts and jack-o-lanterns.


Have a backyard bonfire

Crisp and cool fall nights are the perfect excuse to stay in and have a bonfire in your backyard. Grab some marshmallows and warm up near a beautiful open pit.


Jump in a pile of raked leaves

Fall isn't complete with that satisfying crunch of fresh leaves. Rake up all the leaves in your yard and once you have a nice pile, have a ball with your family.


Tailgate at your local football game

What's a fall weekend without football? If you're a fan of your local team, head to the football stadium and tailgate before the game. Head to the NFL’s website or your city’s events calendar and see when a game is happening.


Tour a winery

Immerse yourself in Fall's beautiful array of colors with a wine tour. There is a slew of fantastic wineries to choose from this Fall. So, invite a couple of friends and enjoy a flight of wine in front of gorgeous scenery.


Go for a hike

Fall foliage is the best backdrop for a hike. Plus, the temperatures are cooler, and the annoying summer bugs are on vacation. If you're ready to take in the autumn atmosphere, find a trail and go for a hike.


Enjoy Autumn Weather with CreditBox

The ways to celebrate the harvest season are endless. And if you need a little extra help making autumn memorable, CreditBox is here to help. Our no-hassle online installment loan can help cover fall activities and decorations. So if this sounds like a good option, apply for an online loan today.
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