The 4 Best Restaurants in Music City

The 4 Best Restaurants in Music City

The 4 Best Restaurants in Music City

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Nashville's culinary culture is ever-expanding, and it's comparable to what you'd find in a large metropolis. In Nashville, you'll discover restaurants serving everything from classic Southern fare to upmarket, excellent foreign cuisine. Choosing which restaurant to visit next is the most challenging aspect of dining in Nashville. There are so many fantastic restaurants in Nashville that finding just a couple to visit might be difficult. Fortunately, we're here to assist you.
Whether you want to brunch in Nashville style or sit down for a hearty dinner, these four spots are worth checking out.
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The 4 Best Restaurants in Music City

Arnold's Country Kitchen

If you find yourself in the Gulch, Arnold's Country Kitchen is worth checking out. Arnold's Country Kitchen serves you some of the most excellent classic Southern fares in a cafeteria-style setting. You'll be able to choose from fried chicken, hot dumplings, meatloaf, turnip greens, creamed corn, and good old macaroni and cheese, among other dishes.

City Winery Nashville

The Barrel Room Restaurant and Wine Bar at City Winery is a comfortable place to unwind and relax. Their cuisine is wine-inspired, culturally influenced, and locally produced, making it ideal for mixing with City Winery's own wine choices and craft beer collection. Their mushroom & goat cheese risotto balls and whipped feta are their most recommended shared plates for those looking to share a meal with a special someone.

Big Al's Deli

Big Al's homestyle warmth and consistently satisfying homestyle food blend is effortless. Making the Salemtown locale a popular breakfast and lunch destination for locals. In an ambiance that seems like dining in a family member's home, it provides classic breakfast dishes and Southern staple lunch foods like fried catfish and spicy South Carolinian shrimp and grits. We are sure there is plenty on Big Al's menu that will warm your soul.

Ed's Fish House (Formerly Ed's Fish & Pizza House)

Since 1972, the legendary North Nashville eatery has been a staple for natives and tourists of Nashville. Known for their famous whiting fish sandwich, Ed's now serves North Nashville with an addition of a food truck, a new look, and a name. People still queue up at the drive-thru for proprietor Ed's whiting sandwiches, topped with onion, spicy sauce, and mustard. Adding cheese or switching to catfish is also a good idea, as is drinking a fruit tea to wash it all down.
How was our list of the best restaurants in Nashville? Let us know which spot you plan on trying out in the comments below.
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