Highly Rated Artificial Christmas Tree's We Are Loving

Highly Rated Artificial Christmas Tree's We Are Loving

Highly Rated Artificial Christmas Tree's We Are Loving

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An artificial Christmas tree delivers the aesthetic of a natural one—but without the annoying needles. So, there's no shame in opting for a faux tree this holiday season. We've got you covered if you're looking to branch out and purchase artificial spruce. Today we highlight some of the best artificial Christmas trees on the market. 

National Tree Company 7 ½' Feel Real Vienna Fir Tree 

This 7-foot beauty gives off the look of an authentic fir tree. Its branches hang low and wide, giving it a full and heavy appearance. And the detailed instructions explain how you can best shape and fluff the branches for a more natural look. Once plugged in, the lights give off a warm white and multicolor glow. You also get nine color options and actions—from static to twinkling.
Amazon: $686
Walmart: $655
Bed Bath and Beyond: $685

Home Accents Pre-Lit Holiday Westwood Artificial Christmas Tree

Don't feel like spending hours decorating your tree this year? Then this tree is for you. It comes pre-lit and pre-decorated. So, you won't have to worry about picking out the perfect bulbs and ornaments. It comes decked in pine cones, faux berries, and 650 LED lights. What's also great about this tree is that it's relatively easy to assemble and disassemble. Within minutes you can have a fully decorated tree. Unlike other trees on our list, this one is on the slimmer side. Therefore, it's ideal for smaller living spaces and apartments.
Home Depot: $299

Puleo Pre-lit Incandescent Aspen Green Fir Flocked Artificial Tree

Flocked Christmas trees add a magical element to your holiday d├ęcor. And Puleo's Flocked Aspen Fir Pre-Lit Christmas tree delivers a realistic winter wonderland look. And the sparse branches allow you to add as many decorations and ornaments as you like without overcrowding.
Walmart: $363
Bed Bath and Beyond: $364

Puleo International 7-Foot Un-Lit Fir Artificial Tree 

Sometimes you want to skip the frills and opt for a bare tree. The Puleo International 7-foot Un-lit Fir tree is an excellent option for those who want to add custom lights and decorations. This simple and understated tree also gives you room to flock to your heart's desire.
Amazon: $178
Walmart: $178

National Tree Company 7 ½' Pre-Lit North Valley Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

A black Christmas tree is an excellent choice for those wanting to step out of the box this year. This faux tree offers the fullness and beauty of natural spruce and provides the perfect backdrop for metallic decorations. And it's slim composition makes it ideal for small spaces. 
Bed Bath and Beyond: $219
Home Depot: $123

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