How to Upgrade Your Home in the New Year

How to Upgrade Your Home in the New Year

How to Upgrade Your Home in the New Year

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How many times have you stood by and watched your friends show off the latest cool gadgets and best-selling products that they've purchased for their homes? Well, it's a new year, and it's time to stop sitting on the sidelines. Bring your home — and your life — into 2021 in style.

Here's a list of what to buy this year to make some upgrades in your home:

Smart Home Hub
If you don't have a smart home hub, you need one. It's one of the best-selling products on the market today when it comes to home tech. These cool gadgets conveniently allow you to control items like your thermostats, lights, security cameras, and locks all from one easy-to-install unit. 

Video Doorbell 
Most of us cringe when the doorbell rings these days — unless we're already expecting company. Video doorbells are some of the top products on the market for people who just don't want to be bothered. You can see who's at your door without having to interact with them, and most of them have added features, like turning on an outside light when someone rings the bell. 

Wireless Charger 
A wireless charger may not sound like the most glamorous item to buy this new year, but it's definitely one of the top products we recommend. They help you eliminate cords, they put less wear and tear on your phone sockets, they're more durable, and they never overheat. 

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle 
If you made any health-related resolutions this new year, you may be wondering what to buy to help meet them. Start with a self-cleaning water bottle. These cool gadgets allow you to drink tap water that gets purified right there in the bottle itself. Some can even clean viruses and bacteria from your water and the bottle itself. 

Robot Vacuum 
If you're wondering what to buy to keep your house clean in 2021, you can't go wrong with a robot vacuum. It keeps up with your floors while you're focusing on other tasks. All you have to do is dump it every once in a while. 

Hybrid Mattress 
When it comes to top products to help you get better sleep in the new year, you can't go wrong with a hybrid mattress. The mix of coils and memory foam feels luxurious, gives you some extra bounce, and even helps you keep cool at night. 

Smart Bassinet 
If you have a little one, check out the smart bassinet, which is on track to be one of the best-selling products for babies this year. In addition to providing your little one with a cozy place to sleep, these devices respond to fussy infants, help with sleep training, and can be controlled from your smartphone. 

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