5 Tips For A Successful Transition Into College Life

5 Tips For A Successful Transition Into College Life

5 Tips For A Successful Transition Into College Life

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No matter how much you prepare, college life is a big change. Whether you're commuting or moving to a dorm or apartment, you'll find you're suddenly outside your comfort zone and officially an adult, with grown-up responsibilities. 

While it may feel overwhelming at times, your freshman year of college will be one of the most memorable parts of your life. Here at CreditBox, we want to help you make the most of it. Here are five pieces of student advice for a successful transition into college life:  

1. Focus on School 
One of the best college tips we have to offer is to remember you're there to learn. Above everything else, school should be your main focus. Attend class. Do your homework. Set aside time to study. Pay attention. Ask questions. Get involved. During your freshman year of college it can be tempting to get caught up in being away from home or having more freedom but if you don't focus on school you may come to regret it one day. 

2. Don't Ignore Your Social Life 
But your college life shouldn't be all books and studying. Make friends so you aren't lonely and homesick. Get involved in clubs and activities around campus. Make a friend in each of your classes. Get involved with study groups. Play a sport or get a part-time job on or off campus. Don't forget to call or Skype your family and friends back home each week. Just don't let your social life prevent you from attending class or making good grades.  

3.  Learn How to Manage Your Time 
Another one of the most important college tips to consider is that you need to learn some time management skills. You may have  followed a schedule set by your parents and school but now you have to figure out how to manage classes, studying, a social life, hobbies, clubs, volunteering, a part-time job, getting enough sleep and exercise, and so much more. Use an app or planner to keep track of when assignments are due. Try to study at the same time every day. Set aside one night a week for getting together with friends. Make it a habit to go for a walk or jog every morning. 

4. Learn How to Set a Budget 
When it comes to important student advice, learning how to set a budget is at the top of the list. You'll learn a lot during your freshman year of college, and money management is a big part of it. If your school offers a course on budgeting for college life, take it. Otherwise, look for apps and websites that can help you prepare your finances.  

5.  Learn From Your Mistakes.  
You can follow all of the student advice and college tips in the world, but you will make mistakes. You'll go over budget. You'll stay out too late the night before a test. You'll forget to turn in an assignment. That's okay, as long as you learn from it and don't continue repeating it. 

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