DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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Making Valentine’s Day gifts yourself is a thoughtful way to add a personal touch to your gift giving while saving some money. These ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts from CreditBox include some crafty arrangements like cheap flower arrangements and food gifts. Plus, if you need a bit of help funding your DIY projects, it’s quick and easy to apply for same day loans to get the things you need to make gifts.

Wooden DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts
Two quick and easy wooden DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to try include embellished photo frames and wall hangings. To add a Valentine’s Day flair to a frame, glue on craft foam hearts in shades of pink and red. Outline the hearts with glitter glue to add some sparkle, then put a treasured photo in the frame to make it a keepsake gift.

To make wooden wall hangings, start with a piece of distressed wood. Sand it until it’s smooth and then paint or stencil a sweet poem or favorite quote on it. Add a layer of varnish or polyurethane on top if you want it to shine. To finish the project, put picture hanging eyelets and wire on the back so it can be easily displayed.

Cheap Flower Arrangements
Cheap flower arrangements make charming Valentine’s Day gifts that look more expensive than they actually are, and it’s so easy to put one together for someone special in your life. You can pick up inexpensive vases at thrift shops and dollar stores and then add a bouquet of colorful silk flowers. Tie a pink silk ribbon around the neck of the vase for a special Valentine’s themed touch.

Tasty Homemade Gifts
Easy cookie recipes and chocolate-dipped strawberries are two easy and sweet food gift ideas to make for your DIY Valentine's Day gifts. For easy cookie recipes, start with pre-mixed cookie dough and add your own touches by pressing a favorite type of candy into the freshly baked cookies before letting them cool.

To make hand-dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day gifts, spread out a piece of waxed paper and melt chocolate bark or chocolate chips in the microwave. Only heat the chocolate a few seconds at a time because it melts quickly. Then dip the strawberries in the chocolate and allow the fruit to cool on the waxed paper until the chocolate is firm. Consider dipping a few berries in white chocolate candy bark, too, to add visual appeal to the presentation. To give the display of berries a Valentine’s theme, display the candied fruit on a pretty heart-themed plate.

If you need some extra cash to pick up the supplies you need to make gifts like cheap flower arrangements or ingredients to make easy cookie recipes consider applying for same day loans from CreditBox. Same day loans from CreditBox may offer a fast solution that frees up time for you to work on your other Valentine’s Day gifts. Apply now  in minutes and visit the How It Works page to learn more about the process.
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