How to Cut Costs for Your Big Day

How to Cut Costs for Your Big Day

How to Cut Costs for Your Big Day

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If you're wondering how to save money on your wedding, take advantage of these budget-friendly wedding tips. These wedding tips help whether you're saving money to spend on the honeymoon, saving up to buy a house, or just want to jump into married life on a financially positive note. 

Ceremony Decorations
Whether you're getting married in a church or in your backyard, you want the setting to be beautiful. To set the mood, pick up some battery-operated LED candles and silky ribbon at the dollar store to make centerpieces. Place candles around the room to create ambiance, and tie large, flowing bows to chairs or benches where guests will sit during the ceremony. You may even have friend that can loan you these items.

Add a few smaller bouquets of affordable flowers to vases placed in the area where you plan to stand during the service. This adds touches of color to the wedding photos. These bouquets can also double as table decor.

Reception Decorations
When you hold a reception at a separate location from the wedding ceremony, it means setting up a second batch of decorations or transporting everything quickly. If you're crafty, DIY wedding decorations are a great way to add your personal touch to the venue. Break out the craft supplies and make heart-shaped posters with photos of you and your significant other. Create centerpieces in your wedding colors, and beautify the dance floor and food tables with streamers, balloons and flowers.

Affordable Flowers
Wedding flowers can be a big expense, but there are ways to find affordable flowers to carry and to adorn the wedding venues. Consider making your own bouquet as a DIY wedding project or have a loved one who's talented at arranging flowers help you. Be sure to get lots of pictures to commemorate the event and help you enjoy the memories for years to come. 

Add silk flowers to your arrangements, or try using all silk flowers to save money. Plus, the bouquets become treasured keepsakes from your big day. You can also opt for bouquets made from greenery instead of large flowers.

What Not to Do to Save Money
It may be easy focus on saving money and sacrificing some of the details you really want in your wedding, but you don't have to do that. For example, if your dream is to carry a bouquet made of pricey red roses, then do it, and direct your money-saving DIY wedding efforts to the less vital details. Things like the paper plates and disposable utensils can be purchased at discount prices and used to serve the food and cake while you enjoy the luxury of the details that matter the most to you.  

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