How to Score the Best Deals Online

How to Score the Best Deals Online

How to Score the Best Deals Online

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Thanksgiving through January is the time of year when people start their holiday shopping to their holiday returns. Luckily, we live in a world where we are able to do all our holiday shopping from the comfort of home. Sometimes you can even get some of the best deals by shopping virtually. Start with these online shopping tips this season.

Find Online Coupon Codes
Love clipping coupons? You may enjoy hunting for online coupons in the virtual world, too. If you look hard enough, there are online coupons for almost everything you want to buy. Check out websites like and, which gather coupon codes from around the web. You can also download apps like Honey, Shopkick, Ibotta and Checkout 51. 

Never Pay for Shipping 
Many retailers offer free shipping these days, and even if they don't, there's a chance you can buy the same item from an online store that does. You may need to meet a minimum purchase amount, but if it's only a few dollars, it may be worth buying something extra rather than paying huge shipping fees. You can also check out websites to find codes for free shipping from various retailers. If you can't get free shipping on an item you want, choose in-store pickup. This way, the item goes directly to your local store, and you just go to the customer service desk to get it. 

Sign Up for Loyalty Clubs 
Loyalty clubs and email lists may seem like spam at times, but they're also where you'll find some of the best deals. Many companies offer you discounts just for signing up to get emails, and you may receive online coupons and codes and offers for everything from free shipping to a percentage off your entire purchase.  

Mark Your Calendar 
One of the most important online shopping tips to remember is that you're simply going to find better deals on certain days of the year. Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day and Cyber Monday all live up to the hype. 

Leave Items in Your Virtual Carts 
When you're doing your holiday shopping, add the items you want to your online shopping cart and close your browser before you check out. If you're willing to wait a day or two, the store may email you with a discount code for the item you want after assuming you decided not to buy it. 

Follow Your Favorite Brands and Stores on Social Media 
Sometimes you can find the best deals through social media sites. Just sign up to follow your favorite brands and retailers, and pay attention to their feeds for pop-up sales and coupon codes. Follow the social media accounts of your favorite coupon and discount sites and apps for even more bargains and online shopping tips. 

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