Mastering Spring Cleaning

Mastering Spring Cleaning

Mastering Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is a great way to get your home ready for warm weather and say goodbye to gray winter days. If you're new to spring cleaning, you might be wondering where to start. Fortunately, here are some tips and tricks from us at CreditBox that make it easy to get your tasks done quickly. You may even find you have fun with the process because getting it all done leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction and a relaxing, clutter-free home to enjoy.

Make a Cleaning Plan
Pick the area of your home that feels like it's going to be the hardest to clean and use these tips and tricks. List out the main organization tasks you want to accomplish in the space. Break the things you need to do into steps, and start from the top of the list. You'll find the part you thought was going to be hard is easy, and you'll be ready to conquer the rest of the house easily. Consider breaking the plan into room-by-room steps, and take satisfaction in checking each task you complete off of your spring-cleaning list. 

Conquer the Clutter
Clutter makes it hard to achieve organization when you're working on spring cleaning, but there's an easy fix. If there's clutter to conquer in your home, go through it piece by piece and decide what to do with each item. It helps to get all the items out in one spot and go through them that way. Don't try to declutter them where you store them. For example, don't go drawer to drawer; empty all the drawers and attack the pile. 
You'll want to keep some items, and there may be some items you want to donate but don't want to give away due to their value. Consider listing those items for sale on an auction website or putting an ad in the local classifieds to make some extra money when getting rid of them. 

You may also have items that you want to donate to a favorite charity. Put those items in a donation drop-off box while you're cleaning. Take the items you want to donate to the charity's donation drop-off area before the things get mixed back in with the items you plan to keep. 

Let the Cleaning Products and Tools Do the Work
Did you know many cleaners do the hard part of the work for you if you let them soak into soiled areas? You save yourself from having to scrub by letting your cleaning products soak into dirty spots for around 15 minutes. When the cleaners have had some time to work, it's easier to gently wipe up stains. 

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