DIY Last Minute New Year’s Outfits

DIY Last Minute New Year’s Outfits

DIY Last Minute New Year’s Outfits

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Regardless of your plans for this New Year, don't panic trying to find the perfect last-minute outfit. Here are some great ideas for how you can do it in style and under budget when you do it yourself with fun and festive outfits and accessories. Try these easy ideas this holiday!

Thrift Store Chic
Thrift stores are a great place to start gathering what you need for amazing DIY outfits. They're a wonderful source of vintage apparel and retro styles so you can ring in the new while wearing something elegantly old. 

With a good eye for fashion, a day searching the racks for unique clothing could result in an affordable ensemble that turns heads at any party. If you know how to use a sewing machine you can even take on more challenging projects to make a fashionable entrance, such as removing the sleeves from a day dress or transforming an oversized sweater into a chic sweater dress.

Sparkling Shoes 
If you want to start the New Year putting your best foot forward, sparkling shoes are just what you need. It's easy to add some glam and glitter to your footwear. Use a hot glue gun to add rhinestones or plastic beads to your high heels, or coat areas of your shoes with glue and sprinkle on glitter. If you have artistic flair, grab some brushes and add some hand detailing to make unique footwear that stands out.

Glittery Accessories 
Sometimes all that a last-minute outfit needs is the right accessories. Many different types of accessories are relatively easy to make or adjust using simple do it yourself techniques. Hot-gluing beads to a clutch bag adds some dazzle or you could use costume jewelry to make your own necklace or brooch. If you really want to light up the New Year, rivet some LEDs into a vest or create your own LED headband. There are also sewing patterns available online if you want to have a go at sewing your accessories, including bow ties.

Extra Cash for Making DIY Outfits 
Often a do it yourself project is a cost-effective solution, but a little extra cash goes a long way if you want to celebrate the New Year in style. Installment loans are an easy way to ensure you have the funds available, whether you just need a last minute outfit for the party or extra cash to make your holiday plans possible.

At CreditBox, we offer installment loans up to $4,000, with direct deposits to your account in as little as 24 hours, so even if your plans are approaching and you still don't have an outfit, it's possible to get the cash you need quickly. Restrictions may apply. Apply online today and contact us if you have any questions throughout the application process.
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