Budget Bash: Graduation Edition

Budget Bash: Graduation Edition

Budget Bash: Graduation Edition

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Students work hard to reach graduation and deserve to enjoy a great party. Are you throwing a graduation bash? Take advantage of these money-saving tips to get the things you need while sticking to your budget.
Money-saving tips for planning your graduation party include making your own decorations, keeping the food you serve simple or hosting a potluck, and making a soundtrack of your favorite music to play at the party. You may also want to save cash by hosting the party at a budget-friendly location. At CreditBox, we've put together this list of money-saving tips to help you with everything from speaker rental to ideas for easy appetizers.

Make Your Own Decorations
Make your own DIY decor for the party by thinking about your favorite school activities and school colors. Choose colorful streamers at the dollar store to hang up around the perimeter of the party area. Print out a back-and-white banner announcing your graduation for another DIY decor item. Display it at shoulder level along with a set of colorful markers so each guest can leave a personal message on the banner. Choose paper plates and cups in school colors, too, so that they look like part of the party's theme.

Make Some Simple Appetizers
Plan to serve some easy appetizers at your graduation party. Simple treats give guests something to snack on while chatting and celebrating success. Things like mini quiches, pigs in a blanket, or a veggie-and-cheese platter are all tasty, easy appetizers. 

Hold a Potluck
If a lot of people are coming to the graduation party, hosting a potluck is an easy way to make sure there's a lot of food for everyone to enjoy. Plan to provide at least one large dish of each basic group, such as an appetizer, a main dish, a side dish, and a dessert in case anyone shows up without a dish to the potluck. 

Play Your Own Soundtrack
Put together a soundtrack of your favorite songs to play at your party instead of hiring a DJ. Each song can represent something important or a fun time from school. Consider speaker rental to make sure your music plays at the desired level if you don't have a sound system everyone can hear. 

Budget-Friendly Venues
There are types of budget-friendly venues where you can host your graduation party, starting with your own home. Other great places to consider include a park pavilion or the community room at a local church. 

A well-planned graduation party doesn't have to cost a lot. However, you do need a few party supplies, some food, and a few craft items if you plan to make your own DIY decor for the bash. Apply nowfor extra cash if you're short on money for the big event. A CreditBox installment loan is fast and can make it easier to get the supplies that'll have your party looking stunning.
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