Affordable Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Affordable Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Affordable Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

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If you’re planning Thanksgiving dinner, you probably want there to be plenty of food, and you most likely want everything to be just right. This can make Thanksgiving shopping lists pretty long, but there are a few things you can do to save money and still have a delicious dinner with your loved ones. These easy ideas from CreditBox can help you cut costs while offering a meal that includes everyone’s favorites.

List Your Must-Have Dishes
Everyone seems to have a favorite dish that makes the holiday perfect for them. It may be pumpkin pie for one or mashed potatoes and gravy for another. When you’re planning your Thanksgiving shopping, include those must-have dishes on your list, and then look for ways to cut costs on other parts of the meal. 

Shop the Grocery Sales
After you prepare your shopping list, take a bit of time to browse through the grocery store ads. This may mean going to more than one store to get the best deals, but it can help out quite a bit on your budget. When you absolutely have to save money, taking advantage of grocery store sales can help you keep your hard-earned money in your wallet.

Check the Shelves for Off-Brand and Store Brand Products
If you tend to be a name-brand grocery shopper, choosing store brands instead can help you cut costs. This affordable food is often equal or superior in quality when compared to some name brands. This technique can shave a lot of expense from your Thanksgiving shopping list, trimming off a few cents and up to a couple of dollars on each item.

Clip Coupons
When you’re looking for affordable food, clipping coupons is an important way to save money. Look for coupons in mailers, newspapers and online, and use them to reduce your total grocery bill. Some online places to find coupons include grocery store sites, manufacturer websites and coupon aggregator websites. This is a technique you can use all year, too, not just at Thanksgiving.  

Smartphone Apps That Offer Rewards
When you’re shopping for affordable food, another way to save is by downloading smartphone apps that offer rewards every time you shop. Enter grocery rewards in your app store to see your options. After downloading your chosen apps, follow the on-screen directions to set up your account and learn how to use them. Then, whenever you shop, upload your grocery store receipts. The apps calculate the rewards you’ve earned. 

Do you need help getting all the trimmings to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Have you already tried your Thanksgiving shopping tips to cut costs, or just need to go another way with your holiday meal? Stock up on supplies with one of the installment loans from CreditBox. Get started right away by filling out our easy application. If you have any questions during the application process feel free to contact our customer support team by calling 888.669.4227 or emailing
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