Things That Need to Be Replaced ASAP

Things That Need to Be Replaced ASAP

Things That Need to Be Replaced ASAP

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Wear and tear are common in all things, and it's easy to overlook or ignore minor issues. Forgetting about that watch battery replacement, procrastinating the leaky faucet or putting off appliance repairs – we've all been there. However, when left unchecked, certain small problems can become serious, and may end up costing more to fix, so it's worth dealing with them sooner rather than later. Knowing when to replace a windshield and how to replace a car battery goes a long way to helping spot problems early and remedy them quickly. That's why we've rounded up these four everyday items that you may need to replace ASAP.

1. Windshield
Toughened windshields are incredibly strong, so it may seem like a small crack in the glass is no big deal — but think again. The windshield provides structural strength, and any damage may compromise your vehicle's ability to protect you in the event of a collision. Also, driving over a pothole or otherwise jolting the vehicle may cause a small crack to suddenly expand, obstructing your view. In most cases, a chip or crack smaller than a dollar bill is safe to repair — and it's much cheaper to repair rather than replace a windshield.

2. Car Battery
You're worries aren't over once you replace a windshield. Monday morning — when you're already late for an important meeting — isn't the best time to realize that your car battery's dead. Especially if you don't know how to replace a car battery. Batteries have the potential to last for years, but once they're three years old, the risk of failure increases and you should become more vigilant. While you may not know how to replace a car battery yourself, it's relatively easy to spot signs that it's time for a mechanic to do the work for you:
  • A "check engine" light appears on the dash.
  • The engine cranks slowly, and the car struggles to start.
  • Signs of corrosion appear around the battery, indicating a leak.
  • Signs of the battery swelling appear, indicating excessive heat.
3. Leaky Faucet
Home appliance repairs are a constant concern. There always seems to be something to fix up in the kitchen, and a leaky faucet is particularly common. A slow drip from a single faucet could waste around 347 gallons of water over the course of a year, notes E.R. Plumbing. That leaky faucet is also bad for your bank balance, adding around $20 per month to your water bill.

4. Watch Battery
Time waits for no one — so says the old adage — and in our fast-paced world of pressing deadlines, good time-keeping is essential. Although it’s not a serious problem, a dead watch is definitely an annoyance you can easily fix. For newer watches, a fresh battery should last around two to three years. As watches get older, batteries start to drain more rapidly and may only last for one year. Fortunately, watch battery replacement isn't costly and it doesn't take much time.

Don't Delay
A minor problem has the potential to become a major disaster if you don't act quickly. Replace a windshield at your earliest convenience or repair it to prevent those small dings and cracks from becoming life threatening problems. Handle appliance repairs quickly to keep your devices working at full capacity, and don’t live with minor annoyances when the fix is simple.

No matter what you're repairing or replacing, it always comes at a cost. If you need help finding the extra cash, don't fret. At CreditBox, we offer easy installment loans to help cover unexpected expenses along with a Refer-a-Friend program to help you earn extra cash for your emergency fund.
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