Your Guide to Nashville Music Awards

Your Guide to Nashville Music Awards

Your Guide to Nashville Music Awards

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Nashville is the country music capital of the world. As such, several music awards shows take place in Nashville each year. With a bit of planning you can watch your favorite artists walk the red carpet and hear your favorite country songs performed on the big stage. Here's what you need to know about the major Nashville music awards shows.

CMA Awards
For over 50 years, the Country Music Association has been presenting awards to the top acts in country music. Traditionally, the awards show takes place in Nashville each fall. Top artists in dozens of categories receive awards for music released in the previous year. The audience is open to fans as well as industry professionals. If you can snag tickets to these music awards, you could rub elbows with top musicians and hear your favorite country songs performed live on stage.

CMT Music Awards
The CMT Music Awards is an awards show voted on by fans for top music videos and television performances. This show also takes place in Nashville each year, typically in June. Because the CMT Music Awards show takes place before CMA Fest, tons of famous names and faces are usually in town. Like the CMA Awards, fans can purchase tickets to this music awards show to see their favorite country music artists on the stage. If you're planning to attend the CMT Music Awards or visit Nashville during this week in June, be sure to purchase tickets to CMA Fest too. Some of the smaller stages are free and open to the public, but to see some of the bigger names, you'll need a ticket.

Nashville Industry Music Awards
Whereas the previous two awards shows focus on country music, the Nashville Industry Music Awards is an awards show that honors musicians in all genres from the region. There's a red carpet, live performances and more than 30 different awards categories. This awards show is for music lovers and makes for a great opportunity to check out local and regional talent.

Watching Awards Shows
Tickets to some of the biggest awards shows in Nashville can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars apiece. That can limit some people from getting to attend in person. That doesn't mean that they have to miss out on the Nashville music fun. Many bars, clubs and other venues host viewing events where you can have a great time and enjoy food and drink specials while cheering on your favorite artists and seeing live performances of top country songs.

Attending a Nashville music awards show is a chance to see many of the biggest names in country music in one place. For many, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event to attend. Consider CreditBox of Nashville to get the cash you need for buying tickets, planning a weekend-long Nashville excursion or getting the perfect dress for walking the red carpet. Apply now for loans up to $2,500.
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