Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Bash

Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Bash

Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Bash

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It's time to ring in the new year, but you don't have to go out to have a good time. You can stay home and throw a New Year's Eve party that will have your friends talking about it until next December, when it's time to do it all over again. Not sure where to start? We can help. Use these tips to throw the best New Year's Eve bash ever.

Keep It Intimate 
First of all, the best New Year's Eve party isn't always the biggest New Year's Eve party. Sure, you can rent out a space and invite your friends, their friends, and everyone you follow on Instagram, but it'll cost you a fortune and you'll spend the night feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Keep your bash simple. Host it at home if you have the space. Invite only your closest pals.

Skip the Meal and Serve Your Best Appetizers 
Your party will likely take place during dinnertime, but that doesn't mean you need to serve dinner. Impress your guests with a small buffet of your best appetizers instead. Finger foods and snacks are easier to eat, and you'll find that it's easier to meet all of your guests' dietary needs when you go smorgasbord style.

Bring Your Own Beverages
Consider having each guest bring their favorite drink, especially if you're only hosting a smaller crowd. Not only does this leave more room in your budget for items like food and New Year’s Eve décor, but you'll ensure everyone has exactly what they want to drink. 

Stick to Cheap New Year’s Eve décor  
When it comes to New Year’s Eve décor, you don't need to go crazy. Check out your local dollar store or party supply store for affordable yet flashy items like balloons, streamers and confetti. You definitely want to set the mood, but unless you're having a formal party, there's no need to get fancy — or expensive.

Keep Your Guests Entertained 
Drinks and your best appetizers may seem like enough to keep the party going, but you've got to keep your guests engaged until at least midnight. Plan some games, show a movie, host a video game tournament or play music to ensure no one gets bored. 

Have a Midnight Plan 
No matter how early your party starts, midnight is the magic moment. Have a plan in place to mark the start of the year. You might have a ball drop playing on TV or a large timer that allows you and your guests to count down on your own. Whatever you plan, just make sure it draws attention to the time. 

Have a Post-Midnight Plan 
You'll also want to make sure your guests know what to expect after midnight. Will the party continue, or is it time to go home? If you do serve alcohol, make sure each guest has a way to get home safely, be it a car service or a sober designated driver. Consider the fact that some guests may need to spend the night. Get blankets, pillows and air mattresses ready ahead of time.

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