How to Get Your Friends off the Couch

How to Get Your Friends off the Couch

How to Get Your Friends off the Couch

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Nothing goes together quite like friends and summer, but during those warmer months, it can be difficult to motivate your besties to get up off the couch and do something with you. That's why any activities you suggest must be extra enticing and include all the components of a fun and fabulous summer day. Here are five that even the biggest homebodies can't ignore.

Shop the Local Farmers' Market 
Practically every city in the country has a farmer's market these days, and if not, there's probably one within half an hour of your town. At first glance, it doesn't sound like the most exciting place to visit, but once you see all of the farm-fresh food and other goodies for sale, you'll fall in love. Most markets have more than just fruits and vegetables — you might find everything from baked goods and snacks to flowers, teas, and beauty products. Stock up on food you've never tried, and go home to plan a picnic or cook up a meal together. 

Hit Up a Festival 
Summer is definitely festival season, and whether you're heading out to a wine or music festival for adults or a family-friendly event in your town, it's a great way to have some fun. You can shop, eat, and explore until the sun sets, and it's the perfect place for creating memories that'll last a lifetime.    

Spend a Weekend at the Beach 
The beach is the ultimate summer getaway, and if you shop around, you can get some great last-minute deals on flights and lodging for your favorite lake or ocean vacation spot. Invite your friends on a last-minute girls' weekend or plan a special romantic trip to surprise your sweetheart. Spend a couple of days lounging in the sun and swimming in the surf, dining on fresh seafood, and checking out the local spots.  

Visit an Amusement Park 
You don't have to be a kid to have fun at the amusement park. Even the stuffiest of your pals will feel free to get wild while riding the biggest roller coaster in the park or trying to win that teddy bear while playing carnival games. Don't forget that it's perfectly acceptable to cheat on your diet when you're at the amusement park surrounded by all of that yummy food.  

Go for Ice Cream 
Speaking of cheating on your diet, if all else fails, tell your friends you're going to get ice cream. It's a treat no one can resist, especially when it's hot outside. Take a trip to your favorite ice cream parlor, and don't shy away from the toppings.

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