How to DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts

How to DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts

How to DIY Holiday Hostess Gifts

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The holiday season can be a busy and expensive time of year, especially if you have a lot of gifts to give and holiday parties to attend. Many people say you should never go to a party empty-handed. After all, hostess gifts show your appreciation for being invited to a gathering and acknowledges the hard work your hostess put into planning the event. Making DIY gifts is a budget-friendly way to answer the question of what to bring to a party.

What to Bring for Hostess Gifts
When you're deciding what to bring to a party, especially for holiday parties, consider making a personalized gift that's unique and special. Think about details like the host's taste, hobbies and d├ęcor, as well as what type of crafts you enjoy making. If you don't really know much about the hostess, you can easily make holiday-themed hostess gifts instead of personalized ones.

A Hand-Crafted Wine Bag and Bottle of Wine
Wine-themed DIY gifts paired with a bottle of wine, or sparkling grape juice for nondrinkers, make charming gifts. Make the bag from the sleeve of an old sweater or put your sewing skills on display by crafting a cute wine-bottle tote bag in a holiday-appropriate velvet material. Hand-painted wine glasses are also a cute idea to deliver with a bottle of wine or as standalone gifts.

Painted Holiday Tea Towels or a Chef's Apron
Pick up premade tea towels or a chef's apron in either white or another plain fabric color. Choose fabric paint in holiday colors and get stamps that match the holiday's theme. Spread out some paper or a tarp to protect your table, then spread out the tea towels or apron so there are no wrinkles. Coat the surface of each stamp with paint and apply the stamp to the fabric. Repeat until you get the effect you want. It's also fun to personalize this craft with the host's name.

Hand Painted Platter filled with Holiday Treats
One final thing to look at when considering what to bring to a party, homemade cookies and candies on hand-painted platters are a good way to convey that you put thought into your DIY gifts when you arrive at your holiday parties. The host may want to add some decadent treats to the tray and place it where they're displaying party food. To make this DIY project, start with a clear glass serving platter or large dinner plate. Put it face down and paint a simple holiday-themed image on the back or use a stencil and gold paint for some wintertime glow. Snowflake designs are easy to paint and look charming, too. After the paint dries completely, flip the plate over and put a paper doily on it. Arrange your homemade treats on the platter, and tie cellophane wrap around it to keep the treats fresh.

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