You Graduated College, Now What?

You Graduated College, Now What?

You Graduated College, Now What?

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Graduating college is an exciting time, but can also be scary. There is a lot of uncertainty as well as opportunity. You are finally out in the real world after years of schooling and homework, but you are not alone! Millions of graduates are in the same boat as you, wondering what to do next and how to plan for the future. Do you start the job search right away? Should you delay paying student loans? Before you panic, read our tips on the next steps you can take after college to plan your finances the smart way.   

Pay Your Student Loans
Student loan providers offer a grace period after you graduate, but make sure you know when it ends and when you have to start making payments. Though they may seem overwhelming, student loans can be paid off.  Don’t make the mistake of pushing them off to the side and accumulating more debt with interest. Your credit will be affected if you regularly miss payments and can even be ruined. If you need to make the payment fast without impacting your credit, consider an installment loan.

Find a Place to Live  
If you didn’t land your dream job right out of college, and have to move back home, that’s OK! More and more millennials are living at home longer to better their financial future. On the other hand, if you prefer a change of scenery, now is the best time to do it. You don’t have extra baggage yet that can come later in life. Do research on your new potential home. Maybe you choose based on your job search. Maybe it is just somewhere you have always wanted to go. Wherever you choose, you can fit it into your budget by living with roommates. The more roommates you have, the more money you can use for other living expenses. If not, you can always apply for an installment loan to make ends meet.

Continue Your Education
Just because your undergraduate education is over, doesn’t mean you stop learning new things. is a great and affordable resource for learning new technical skills, or improving your current ones. You can also pursue graduate school if it makes sense for your career and fits into your budget. Broaden your career options by always learning new things or developing your current skills.

Start Your Job Search
You most likely went to college so you can begin your career and fund the lifestyle you want. Once you decided on a place to live, and brushed up on some extra skills, start your job search! With all of the competition out there for jobs, you might just start applying to any and all jobs you qualify for. Make sure you keep track of them all to be prepared when a recruiter calls you. Also be sure to clean up your social media. Delete or hide posts you wouldn’t feel comfortable with your future employer seeing. This also applies for future landlords or money lenders. Social media is a free background check and people will use it. Also, it might be a no-brainer, but edit your resume. There is too much competition to be passed up for lazy grammatical errors. Be sure to have relevant experience on your resume as well. Future employers want to know how you can help them.

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