Last Minute Costume Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Last Minute Costume Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Last Minute Costume Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Did you procrastinate on putting together a Halloween costume?  Renting or buying an elaborate costume last minute can get expensive quickly. Don’t worry – we’ve got six costume ideas that you can put together from your own closet.

To transform into a mummy as your last minute Halloween costume, all you need is a white shirt, white pants, white shoes, and a few rolls of toilet paper or gauze. Attach the toilet paper or gauze to your white clothes haphazardly to create an old, falling-apart look. After you’ve put your clothes on, wrap your head in toilet paper or gauze as well. Want to be a little scarier? Add ketchup or red food coloring as fake blood in spots on the costume.

This is the purrrrfect last minute Halloween costume. To become a cat, find a black shirt and black pants in your closet. Then, using eyeliner or face paint, draw a nose, whiskers, and dots on your face to resemble a cat. Pick up a pair of cat ears and a tail at a local drug store or costume shop and you’re all set.

You can be any kind of vampire you choose – scary, cute, evil, or one with a little va va voom. Whatever style you choose, dress appropriately and don a cape if you have one. Most drug stores or stores like Target and Walmart will have cheap vampire teeth this time of year. Pop a pair in and finish your last minute Halloween costume with red food coloring as blood. If you’re a newly transformed vampire, don’t forget two little black dots on your neck where you would have been bitten.  

This is the easiest last minute costume out there. All you need is an old, white bed sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut two holes for your eyes and one for your nose, drape over your head, and voila! You’re a ghost!

This last minute Halloween costume idea is a little off the beaten path, but is sure to get a few laughs. Becoming a bunch of grapes is simple and cheap. Head down to the dollar store and buy a bag of purple balloons and a fake vine with leaves. Blow up the purple balloons and tape them all over your body. Wrap the vine around your head to complete your grape ensemble.

If you want to go comfortable, raid your closet for a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt, and a floppy hat. You can also wear a pair of overalls. Paint your face with some stich marks around your mouth and eyes. To take your last minute Halloween scarecrow to the next level, you can stuff some straw into your sleeves and pant legs.

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