Life Hack – True Love: How a Couple Can Share and Save

Life Hack – True Love: How a Couple Can Share and Save

Life Hack – True Love: How a Couple Can Share and Save

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Being in a relationship has lots of benefits – including financial ones. Here are some tips on how you and your significant other can save money at any stage of a relationship.

When You’re Dating:

Go on Free or Almost-Free Dates
Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of dates you can go on that are romantic, but don’t’ break the bank. For instance, finding a free museum day or free concert is a great way to spend time together and enrich your lives – and the best part is, you won’t feel guilty or resentful of the money you’ve spent, and your relationship will be healthier overall.

Staying in for date night is also a great option for saving money. You can grocery shop together (on a budget of course), cook together, and then camp out in the living room for a movie night.  Sharing these experiences will bring you closer, and your wallet will thank you.

Take Advantage of Combined Services
Often, businesses will have special deals when two people sign up as a couple. Gym memberships, massages, and vacations are often sold at cheaper rates when you sign up together, helping you save money for later on.

When You Move In:

Sharing Rent
Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship, but sharing bills can be a big positive. When you move in, draw up a formal agreement of who will pay what so that you’re on the same page from the beginning.  Sharing an apartment or house and all of its expenses will be more affordable for both parties in the long run.

Combined Bank Account
Combining your bank accounts with your significant other has many advantages. Together, you can come up with financial goals and hold each other more accountable for spending. Having a joint bank account can encourage trust and build your relationship up, all while saving you money on paying multiple fees for multiple bank accounts.

Having a joint bank account will also make paying bills easier and more efficient since all of the money will be coming from the same place.

If you combine your savings accounts, you can also earn more interest because there will be more money in the account.  This will help you grow your savings and reach your shared financial goals more quickly.

Consolidate Expenses
When you’re living together, it pays to consolidate your individual expenses. It’s cheaper to have two phones on a single phone plan.  You don’t need two Netflix or Hulu subscriptions when you’re living under the same roof. Combining and eliminating superfluous expenses can help you put more money towards savings – and toward achieving your shared financial goals.

When You’re Married:

Tax Benefits
Depending on when you get married and your combined income, filing taxes jointly can have big benefits for you and your spouse.  The IRS gives a large standard deduction to those who file jointly, and spouses who file together may more easily qualify for multiple tax credits.

However, if both you and your spouse are high earners, filing separately may be more beneficial. If you want to be sure filing jointly is the right choice for you and your spouse, prepare your taxes both ways and compare your returns.

Most home and auto insurance companies offer lower rates for married couples because they are considered more cautious and more responsible. Doing research and calling around to find out which insurance companies can offer you the most benefits will help you and your spouse save money.

Medical Benefits
In most cases, once you’re married, you’re eligible to enroll for your spouse’s benefits.  Married couples on the same benefits often save a lot of money compared to each party paying for individual benefits.
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