Credit Reporting Loan

Choose our Credit Reporting Loan today to get the same great Installment Loan, with the added benefit of having your credit reported to build credit history.*

How It Works

When you select our Credit Reporting loan, your credit score will be factored into the interest rate you receive, which may result in more affordable payments.  CreditBox will report your loan payment history to at least one major credit bureau. There are no extra steps and no additional charge, and we handle the rest. 


Your Credit Score is Important

By having your credit reported, you will build your credit history, a factor credit bureaus use to determine your credit score.Your credit score is important as it is used by businesses to make decisions about you and your future. Below is just a few examples of what your credit score can affect.

green-checkmark5-(2).png ABILITY TO BUY A HOME

green-checkmark5-(1).pngAUTO LOANS

green-checkmark5-(3).png APARTMENT APPLICATIONS

green-checkmark5-(4).png FUTURE JOB POSITIONS

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