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Things You Should Always Buy New

From garage sales and second hand stores to online auctions, shopping for used items is a great way to save money. However, not all things are created equally when it comes to buying used vs. new. As a matter of fact, if you're in the market for any of the following items, it may be better to opt for new. Consider safety tips for the items in question and don't forget that you could always score a sweet personal loan if need be.


It may seem pretty obvious, but when you're shopping for a new mattress, make sure it's actually new – no second hand store treasures here. Looking for reasons why? Not only are used mattresses typically worn down, but they might contain dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and other unsavory things. While you're at it, don't buy used pillows, sheets, blankets, or comforters either.

Bathing Suits

Shopping for a new bathing suit isn't an activity anyone enjoys, but it's better to stand in that department store dressing room under the fluorescent light than to take hand-me-downs from friends or pick up a used one at a thrift store. Wearing a used bathing suit after someone with poor hygiene is a health risk that's not worth saving money for. Plus, a used suit has probably lost its shape by the time you get it.

Baby Gear

If you have a little one on the way, don't accept that hand-me-down car seat (or one from second hand stores) or crib your cousin used for her kids years ago. This is one of those safety tips you can almost always rely on. Chances are, standards for manufacturing this baby gear have changed since then. You always want to follow the most up-to-date safety tips and guidelines when shopping for new baby gear, or you may put your newborn at risk. Saving money for all that loot is important, but personal loans can be another resource if you need them.

Athletic Shoes

Ready to take up running or walking? You don't need fancy equipment, but you do want to invest in a new pair of athletic shoes. If you opt for used ones, you may be putting your entire body at risk of injury. Like bathing suits, shoes tend to lose their original shape and form to fit the person who uses them the most for added support. Choose a new pair, and, as you use the shoes, they'll start to fit you like a glove.

Bike Helmets

Safety tips always suggest wearing bike helmets. Saving money by shopping for a used bike might be a good idea, but don't shop for a bike helmet at second hand stores or thrift stores. Like baby gear, you always want to make sure your helmet is current and follows the latest safety guidelines. Even if the used helmet is a fairly recent model, if it's ever been dinged in any way, it may not protect your head if you crash.

Skip the second hand stores and thrift stores when you're buying items like these. After all, you should be prioritizing safety first and hygiene as a close second. If you're ready to buy a new mattress or decorate your nursery and saving money hasn't been enough, consider CreditBox. Discover our personal loan options and then start planning your shopping trip.

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