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Smart Shopping: How to Bargain-Shop for Clothes

Smart Shopping: How to Bargain-Shop for Clothes

Clothing is more than just a thing that we wear daily. Clothing is the way we express ourselves and tell the world a little bit about us. For those who love shopping, being on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style. Getting creative and bargain-hunting while you shop on a budget means you can have the closet you want without overspending.

Be a Thrifty Shopper

Thrift shopping has a negative connotation in the society we live in today. However, shopping at the thrift store has many perks, and can help you stay on budget, while keeping a seasonal closet. Successful thrift store shopping takes time, so set aside a day where finding good deals on quality clothing items is your priority. Plan out how much you can spend and which stores you’re going to visit, then head out shopping with a friend. Sort through the clothing racks with a discerning eye, and even if you see something you love, make sure you can incorporate it into your closet and that you’ll get lots of wear time before you buy. When in doubt, let your friend be your conscience and help guide you toward staying on-budget. When you shop for bargains at thrift stores, there’s even a chance you’ll find something really special, like a designer coat or cast-off leather shoes that you wouldn’t be able to afford without the discount.

Trade Your Clothes

If you have clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore, make sure to clean them out before you go shopping. Then, head to a store like Plato’s Closet that accepts gently-worn and new clothing in return for cash. Once you have that money in hand, either spend some time bargain shopping others’ lightly-worn clothing at the shop, or head out to the thrift stores to stretch your money even further. When you get home with your new purchases, you’ll have plenty of space in your closet and you’ll eliminate the guilt associated with overspending unnecessarily.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

You can easily maintain your eye for quality while you shop at thrift or discount stores. When you buy quality clothing, you’ll feel better wearing it, and it’ll last longer, giving you more bang for your buck and helping you stay on budget in the future. While you’re shopping at thrift or discount stores, check labels on clothes for quality brands, make sure seams aren’t ripped, seek out quality fabrics, and make sure you can follow the proper care instructions for each piece you buy so that your clothing will look new for a long time.

Borrow, Don’t Buy

If you have a close circle of friends with similar taste who wear similar sizes, shop your friends’ closets for free. Borrowing clothing pieces from your friends can help you save money, especially if you need a dress for a special night out or a top for the vacation you’re going on. You’ll avoid blowing your entire budget shopping for an item that you’ll only wear once or twice for a special occasion. Shopping your friend’s closets will also give you an excuse to get together more often.

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