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Smart Shopping: 5 Post Holiday Don’ts to Avoid

Smart Shopping: 5 Post Holiday Don’ts to Avoid

The holiday shopping season is almost over, but there’s one more big spending rush on the day after Christmas, December 26th. You can snag some amazing post-holiday deals, similar to Black Friday, if you go shopping on the day after Christmas. Before you get caught up in the rush of the sales, read these five don’ts to avoid overspending and blowing your holiday budget.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Deal

Picture this: You walk into the electronic store and you see that brand new, next generation laptops are on sale for half-price. That’s an amazing deal, and you may be tempted to pick one up just because it’s on sale. However, consider this: Do you need a new laptop? Was it on your list when you left home this morning? If the answer is no, then let the deal go. Spending money on things you don’t need is still spending money, even if you’re getting a good deal. Don’t get caught up in buying things you don’t need in post-holiday sales.

Don’t Shop Only Online or Only In Store

The trick to getting the best deal is to shop multiple stores and websites for the same item. Once you find the lowest price, you can either purchase it outright or show the price to another retailer if their policies allow them to honor competitor deals. Doing research before the post-holiday sales start requires a little bit of time, but it’ll be worth the sacrifice when you save money at the time of purchase. Taking a two-fold approach to your post-holiday shopping is the best way to get the best deal possible.

Don’t Forget Your List

Shopping on the day after Christmas is exciting, but don’t let yourself get so pumped up that you forget to grab your well curated, budgeted list. When you shop without a list or budget, you’re much more likely to buy on impulse, a practice that wrecks financial plans and can leave you in a bad cash situation. Plan your list ahead of time and allot a specific amount of money to each item or category. This tactic will help you focus and save money while you’re out shopping and facing a fire hose onslaught of post-holiday deals and sales.

Don’t Get Dressed Up

A big part of surviving the post-holiday shopping rush is being comfortable while you browse. Comfort is important because it’ll let you take your time and conduct your shopping in a logical manner, instead of trying to hurry to get it done so you can get off of your feet and out of your uncomfortable outfit. When you take your time and go by your list, you can slow down and find the best price for every item on your list. It may seem silly, but the way you dress to go shopping can either make or break your post-holiday shopping budget.

Don’t Wait Until Regular Business Hours

On Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the day after Christmas, most stores and online retailers have special hours and special sales for the first people in line. Lining up outside of physical stores early in the morning to get doorbusters will be worth being a little cold and uncomfortable (especially if you dress properly for the occasion). It’s also advisable to stay up until after midnight the night before to catch online deals that happen at 12:01 a.m. Shopping at odd hours is a great tactic for saving money at post-holiday sales.

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