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Engagement Planning

Planning a Holiday Engagement?

The holiday season is a happy time for everyone, but especially for the newly engaged. Wedding planning is exciting and nerve racking at the same time, and it can get expensive fast. Thinking of everything you have to plan and how much it’ll cost can be scary, so here are some tips on how to have a cheap wedding.


A Cheap Wedding is Not a Bad Wedding


Most people probably want to have a cheap wedding, but don’t know how to do it. You probably already have a lot of ideas for your wedding but are scared that everything will be too pricey. The wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to put you in debt. If you do your wedding planning effectively, and far enough in advance, you can save a lot of money. Before you even begin wedding planning, establish a budget. Meet with your family and see how much you think you’ll be able to spend on your wedding. The average wedding in 2016 cost a total of $35,329, so keep that in mind when budgeting. Don’t be afraid to have the ceremony at someone’s house instead of a fancy venue, or have a talented friend bake the cake instead of getting a professional wedding cake. All these things will make the ceremony all the more intimate and personal to you and your significant other. The most important thing on your big day is to spend it with the people you love, not how much the wedding cost.


The Wedding Ring

A big part of wedding planning is the ring. Most couples switch out their wedding bands for wedding rings on their big day, but the average wedding ring will set you back about $6,000. If that’s too much for you to spend on your wedding ring, don’t be ashamed to keep the band. If you still would like a wedding ring, look at cheaper options. You don’t need the largest or highest quality diamond to love your wedding ring. A cheaper ring plays a huge part and being able to have a cheap wedding. It’s more important to start your marriage off on a healthy, financially stable, start.


To buy the wedding ring of your dreams, head to Gage Diamonds in Chicago. They offer 0% financing on engagement rings, wedding rings, and all of your other wedding jewelry needs! If you don’t live in the Chicago area, head to their website and design your wedding rings today.

Make a List

Wedding planning can be scary, so make sure to break it down until small pieces. Get together with your spouse and make a list of three things each that you definitely want at your wedding. Some of these may overlap and that’s okay. Once you have established your combined list, find a few alternatives for each option and see what will work best with your budget. Make a few guest lists of varying sizes, and what would work with each potential venue to see how big or small you think your wedding should be. The secret to a cheap wedding is great planning.


Wedding planning is daunting and can get expensive quickly. If you need some extra help paying for your special day, turn to CreditBox. Fill out the quick and easy application online for loans up to $4,000. 

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