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Money Saving Tips: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Money Saving Tips: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

After Thanksgiving, the exciting shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday come quickly. These two days are an awesome opportunity to shop smart, get your holiday shopping done, and buy items that you’ve been saving for all year. Before you fight the crowds and start spending, read this article to make sure you get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday without overspending.

Save Money

The best way to make sure you don’t break your budget on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to save money especially for shopping on these two days. If you have money set aside specifically for shopping post-Thanksgiving, you won’t have to worry about taking away from the cash you have budgeted for rent and bills. This will make shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday much less stressful because you’ll spend only money you know you can.

Shop Early

Standing in line in the cold temperatures waiting for a store to open might seem a little over the top. However, many stores offer the best deals of the day as doorbusters only, and when the items are gone, the deal is too. If the electronics store has the TV or computer you’ve had your eye on on sale as a doorbuster, waiting in line could help you save money and leave with that new electronic you’ve been coveting. You may even get such a good deal that you’ll have money left over and come in under-budget. That money will surely come in handy at some point during the holidays.

Compare Prices Online

Before you head out to stores on Black Friday, make sure you do your research online. Different retailers may have better deals on items than others, and scouting it out can help you get the best price possible. Plus, if you’re in a store and know they offered the same item online for cheaper, many managers will honor the lesser price if it means you’ll buy the item. Spending a little bit of time doing research is a good way to shop smart and save money on Black Friday.

Make a Budget

You’ve already made a holiday budget that includes the amount of money you’re allowed to spend on shopping and holiday gift purchasing. Dive even deeper now and create a specialized Black Friday and Cyber Monday budget that breaks down your overall spending limit into categories. When you’re out shopping among the crowds, having this specific number in your mind will help you stay on budget and protect you from impulse spending.

Shop With a Friend

Shopping with a friend on Black Friday or Cyber Monday has many benefits. You won’t have to wait in long lines by yourself; You’ll have a second opinion to determine if you really need to purchase something; And you’ll be able to take advantage of deals that require you to buy more than one item. Some Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions only work if you buy multiples of something, and if you’re shopping with a friend, you can split the cost. Having a friend by your side on Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help you save money and only spend what you’ve budgeted.

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