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CreditBox's Holiday Wish Giveaway

CreditBox has funded your lifestyle and now we want to fund your holiday wish! CreditBox’s Holiday Wish Giveaway is giving 3 lucky winners $500. Enter today for your chance to win and make the holidays a little brighter this year.

Your wish may be something small or something extravagant, it doesn’t matter in this giveaway! Your wish is personal to you and that’s what matters.

Is your wish to host the best bash for you and your friends? This extra cash can help you get the needed party supplies. Speaking of parties, it’s never too earlier to start planning. You’ll want to make sure that you have a complete list of everything you need to do and to buy to make it a success. Winning CreditBox’s giveaway will help you check off finding the extra funds so you can just focus on hosting!

Maybe your wish is to provide your family with a wonderful family dinner. Make sure you decide on a menu, including a main dish and sides, early so you can make sure to get the grocery shopping done ahead of time. Nothing is better than a delicious home cooked meal and your family will appreciate the effort you put in.

Do these wishes sound familiar? Maybe you have something different in mind? Either way there’s no reason not to take a moment and enter!


How does it work?

Entering this giveaway is easy as can be. Fill out your contact information and tell us what your holiday wish is this year. Your wish can be about your life, home or your family, CreditBox just wants to help you fulfill it.

The giveaway will be open from November 15th to December 15th. Your last chance to enter is December 15th 11:59p. After that we will select and email our 3 winners so make sure to check your email!

Official Rules

Please read the official rules of the CreditBox Holiday Wish Giveaway here. Any entries that break any of these rules will be disqualified. 

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