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Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Holiday Shopping on a Budget

During the holidays, we take great pleasure in thinking of others and buying them holiday gifts. Gift exchanging is a very old tradition that dates back thousands of years, springing from customs found in different faiths and cultures. We’ve carried this tradition through today, and the holiday shopping market is bigger than ever. Doing your holiday shopping on a budget can be a challenge, but we’ve got some tips that can help you check off everyone on your list and still stay true to your budget.

Purchasing Vs. Making

While you’re planning your holiday gift list, consider that some of your recipients might enjoy receiving a handmade gift more than a store-bought one. DIY gifts not only mean a great deal to their recipients, but can help you save money. If you make a frame for a favorite photo or knit a family member a sweater as their gift, the materials will cost much less than if you bought that same item at a store.  Making DIY holiday gifts is a win-win – you’ll save cash and the gift will mean so much more to the person you give it to.

Another way to avoid giving a store-bought gift is to give an experience instead of an item. Giving your dad a day with you or helping your mom buy bulbs for her spring garden are ways you can give your time and save money, while bringing your family and friends closer together.

Make a List & Check it Twice

If you do plan on purchasing all of your holiday gifts, be prepared before you head out to the stores. Going shopping without a list or a budget almost always leads to overspending and impulse buys. Make a list of everyone you’d like to buy a holiday gift for and what you’d like to purchase for them. Then, decide how much money you can spend overall and on each person to stay within your holiday budget. The key to avoiding overspending is sticking to your list and budget and not going over by even a single penny. Armed with these items and will power, you’ll be sure to save money and check off everyone on your list.

Do Your Research

A big part of finding the best price on items is doing your research online before you go out to the stores. Many retailers may offer the item that you’re looking for, but one or two may have a better price. Make sure you save the pages with your item’s lowest price, as most stores will honor that price if you can prove it to them. Putting in a little bit of extra work before you head to the store will pay off tenfold when you come in under-budget, with extra money to save or spend later.

Avoid Last Minute Shopping

Shopping for holiday gifts at the last minute can leave you feeling flustered and rushed, which can lead to overspending just to get your shopping done and get out of there. When you plan your shopping out over time and take the time to find the best prices, you’ll be able to stay careful and shop smart. Buying holiday gifts isn’t worth blowing your entire budget.

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