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Conserving Energy and Keeping Winter Bills Down

Conserving Energy and Keeping Winter Bills Down

Keeping your home or apartment heated during the winter can drive your energy and heating bills sky-high. If you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, paying for extra utilities is something you may not be able to afford. Have no fear – we’ve got four tips that can help keep your heating bill under control.

Use Blankets at Night

One of the best ways to keep your utility bill manageable is to turn the heat down during the night. At night, you can pile blankets on your bed and dress warmly before you go to sleep. That way, you’ll stay warm, even though your thermostat is turned down to conserve energy. If you can’t face getting out of the covers into the cold in the morning, set your thermostat to automatically turn on around the time that you wake up. By bundling up before bed and turning the heat down, you’ll keep your utility bill within your budget.

Turn Your Fan On

We know, turning your fan on during the winter seems completely counterintuitive. However, if you turn your fan on counterclockwise, it makes perfect, money-saving sense. Heated air rises to the ceilings and top floors of your home, leaving you with lots of wasted energy and driving your heating bill way up. When you turn your ceiling fans on counterclockwise, they drive the warm air back down into the room, keeping the temperature of your home steady so your thermostat doesn’t kick on. It’s a great way to save money on your heating bill.

Take Advantage of the Oven

During the winter months, people tend to bake more often and cook more hearty meals in the oven. Since you’re using the energy to heat the oven, why not take advantage of it? After your meal is cooked, leave the oven cracked so the extra heat warms the room. That way, you’re not using double the energy to cook and keep your home heated. Your utilit7 bill will stay comfortably on-budget. Just be sure you’re safe and the oven is off before you leave it cracked.

Do you have north or south facing windows? You’re in luck! Depending on which direction your windows face, open your blinds or curtains in the evening or morning hours. The sun will stream in and warm your home naturally, helping you save money because your thermostat isn’t doing any work.  If the sun warms your home in the morning, you’ll have more heat during the day. If it comes in during the evening, you may be able to turn your thermostat even lower at night.

If you’ve gotten creative with these techniques and your heating and utility bills are still more than you can afford, CreditBox is here. Just fill out our quick, easy, and confidential online application and have the extra cash you need before your bills are due. 

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