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St. Patrick's Day

Best Things to Do in Chicago on St. Patrick's Day

If you enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Irish culture every March 17, there's no better place to be than Chicago. Parades, food, activities, and the Chicago green river — there's so much to do that you won't be able to fit it all in one day. That's why we at CreditBox have put together a list of can't-miss activities. You'll have so much fun that you may even forget you're not actually in Ireland.


Chicago Green River


Without a doubt, dyeing the Chicago River is the most exciting thing about St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, and hundreds of thousands of people come out to see the phenomenon. Don't worry — it's environmentally friendly and won't hurt any fish. Just note that if you want to see the Chicago green river, you'll have to get there early. After several hours, the dye fades away. If you really want a good view, consider taking a river cruise — several are offered throughout the day.


Chicago Parade


Another exciting way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is to attend the Chicago parade. Each year, it features marching bands, Irish music, dancers, and, of course, the Chicago parade queen. A reported 800,000 people come to watch each year, so, like the river dyeing, it's important to get there early and get a good seat. The parade typically lasts for about three hours.


If you can't get enough of all the parades, head to the South Side Irish Parade for even more holiday festivities. Keep in mind that this parade usually happens on the Sunday before St. Paddy's Day, and the larger downtown parade is on the Saturday before the actual holiday.


St. Patrick's Day Festival


If you're planning to make the day a family event, consider heading to the Irish American Heritage Center for the St. Patrick's Day Festival. Enjoy live entertainment for kids and grownups alike, along with musical performances and Irish dancers. Of course, you can also enjoy Irish food and beverages and shop from local crafters and artisans. They even offer genealogy workshops so you can learn about your Irish roots and other educational activities.  


Chicago's Irish Restaurants and Pubs


All of those parades and festivities are sure to make you hungry, so finish out the day in one of Chicago's Irish restaurants and pubs where you can celebrate with an authentic meal. Wilde Bar & Restaurant on North Broadway is a favorite, followed by Fado Irish Pub on Grand Avenue and the Grafton on North Lincoln. No matter which one of Chicago's Irish restaurants you choose, you won't leave with an empty stomach.


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