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Affordable Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

On Valentine's Day you want to do something special, but that isn't always easy if you're on a tight budget. Fortunately, giving someone your heart doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to food ordering apps, cost-effective dinner specials, and the wonders of Mother Nature, it's easy to make your money go a little further when purchasing food and entertainment. Here are some affordable date night ideas to consider this Valentine’s Day.


1. Cook

If food is the central element of your evening, you need an inexpensive way to provide a memorable meal. Cooking dinner is the obvious solution. It saves a lot of money, shows you've got some skills in the kitchen, and provides an opportunity to show how thoughtful you are as you make your partner's favorite dish.


2. Order in

If cooking isn't your style, download a few food ordering apps and check out which local takeout places are offering dinner specials and discounts. 


3. Dine al Fresco

What could be more romantic than popping open a bottle of wine and watching the sunset at a nearby park? If it's a little too cold, take your blanket indoors and sit by a roaring fire instead.


4. Find Dinner Specials

If pizza from food ordering apps isn't your idea of true romance, track down the local meal deals instead. It's a busy time for restaurants, but many places offer Valentine's Day specials and a quiet, out-of-the-way venue may have late seating at reasonable prices.


5. Go Bowling

The perfect affordable date night ideas combine food and entertainment. For a classic date night experience, head to the bowling alley. Knock down some pins, and grab a slice of pizza or some hot dogs between games and laughter.


6. Be Musically Minded

If music is the food of love, it makes sense to incorporate it into your date night. Why not head to a karaoke bar for a little caterwauling, or spend a laid-back evening soaking up the cool vibe at a jazz bar?


7. Get a Little Extra Cash

Still struggling to find affordable date night ideas that have a suitable "wow" factor? Or maybe you're planning a proposal and need to pay for a ring? Don't panic. The perfect Valentine's Day is easily within your grasp when you have a little extra cash to play with. With CreditBox you can get the extra cash you need as fast as tomorrow so you can make that lasting impression with your grand food and entertainment plans.


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