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Earning Money on the Side

10 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Side

Are you having trouble making ends meet? Are you saving up for a vacation or a shopping trip? Either way, a little extra cash is nice to have, and in today’s economy, it’s easy to pick up side jobs here and there to make a little extra money.

Become a Freelancer

If you have a talent for writing or graphic design and you’ve got some extra time, consider taking on a few freelance projects. You can find projects through people you know or on sites like Upwork, Elance, and even Craigslist. When you work as a freelancer, you set your own rates and timeframe, making it a flexible option to earn money in addition n to your full time job.

Drive an Uber or Lyft

If you have a car or can rent a car, and you have a valid drivers’ license, you can drive for Uber or Lyft and earn money on the side. Most drivers drive 15 hours a week or less and depending on which city they’re driving in, can make up to $22 an hour. You can apply as a driver in the app or on the website for each respective company.


We’ve all heard of bloggers who are so successful that they can quite their full time jobs and write blogs for a living. We can’t promise that will happen to you, but you can make a few extra dollars by creating and maintaining a blog. Once you’ve picked your topic, created your blog, and built an engaged following, you can begin making money with advertisers and affiliates. The bigger and more engaged your audience is, the more large advertisers will be willing to pay for you to host advertisements that reach your readers. This holds true for affiliates as well. Using this method, you’ll write about a product or service and link to it from your blog. If your readers click through and make a purchase, you’ll receive part of the profits.

Take Surveys Online

There are lots of sites online that companies use to get people to take surveys and do market research. Many of these surveys are easy enough to do while you sit around and watch TV, and while the rewards are small per survey, they add up and can be transferred directly to your PayPal account most of the time. If you do a few surveys each evening and on the weekend, your savings will really begin to add up.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There is a wide variety of industries in which individuals or teams employed by a company need a little bit of extra help with administrative tasks. These companies look for virtual assistants to provide an extra few hours of work every week to ensure that everything gets done. VA positions are often part time and pay hourly, depending if you’re employed as a contractor or an employee of the company. To find a VA role, you’ll have to do some legwork. Research successful VAs, network with them, and use them as mentors to get yourself started. You’ll also want to create a website, search job boards, and reach out to individuals or companies who may need your services.

Open a New Savings Account

Many major banks offer deals when you open a new savings account. In an effort to get people to save and increase the number of accounts they hold, banks agree to deposit a set amount of money into your new account off the bat. Offers usually run around $250 depending on the bank and the type of savings account you’re opening.  This is a no-effort, easy way to get some extra cash.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you have old clothes, shoes, books, electronics or furniture just laying around, you’ve got extra money ready to be made. You can sell your things online on sites like Ebay or Craigslist, sell them to secondhand shops, or host a garage sale to get rid of all of your stuff at once. Your home will be less cluttered, and you’ll have more cash in your pocket.

Rent Your Home

Do you travel often? Do you have friends or family you can stay with for a few days at a time? With home rental sites like AirBnB, your home can earn while you’re away. If you live in a popular part of your city or town, chances are demand is high for temporary housing. Non-hotel options such as vacation rentals or AirBnBs are trendy and can earn you quite a bit of money over a few days. Some communities and cities have strict guidelines about using your home as a hotel, so make sure you read up on specific policies before you list your home for rental.

If you’re too short on time to make these options work, or you still aren’t earning enough, call on CreditBox. We can help you get the cash you need, fast. . Apply online today for a loan  up to $4,000.  

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